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Feel free to ask

  • January: sexuality/preferences
  • February: city/state
  • March: favourite colour
  • April: favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour
  • May: favourite manga & favourite anime
  • June: favourite book
  • July: favourite song/band
  • August: crush names
  • September: instruments I play/ want to play
  • October: favourite game
  • November: if I changed my name, what would it be
  • December: random fact about me :)

Anonymous asked:

A, E, H, J, and Y

A - If I’m in love
I wish I could say yes…. But no. The person I thought I loved was actually just a piece of shit. So, as of yesterday, we are no longer together.

E - How many holes I have in my ears
Well, just one on each, but they’re kinda grown up. I need to get them re-pierced so that I can start wearing earrings again.

H- The last person I hugged
My best friend Key ❤️

J - Are you insecure. What about?
Oh jeez. Where do I even begin?
I’m insecure about most of my body.
I’m insecure about letting people into my heart seeing as how all they want to do is be shitty to me after they’ve gained my trust
I’m insecure about talking to people and making friends irl (it’s easier on the internet though so that’s why I have more internet friends than irl friends)

Y - If I like my town and why.
I don’t. I hate it with a passion. The list of reasons why I hate this hell hole of a city could go on forever tbh.

But, anyways, thank you so much for asking!


  • A - If I'm in love.
  • B - Who the last person I talked to on the phone was.
  • C - How long it's been since I've kissed.
  • D - If I have a preference for boys or girls.
  • E - How many holes I have in my ears.
  • F - Give me any options, like 'hot or cold?'
  • G - The last person I said 'I love you' to.
  • H - The last person I hugged.
  • I - The last time I felt jealous, and why.
  • J - Are you insecure. What about?
  • K - What my full name is.
  • L - If I have siblings.
  • M - If I forgive betrayal.
  • N - If you want to know how I treat my friends.
  • O - If I like my school.
  • P - What kind of music I like.
  • Q - What the last party I went to was, and when the next will be.
  • R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities.
  • S - 2 habits.
  • T - 5 things I love unconditionally.
  • U - How many texts I send daily.
  • V - 3 big dreams.
  • W - An idol.
  • X - If I've done something I regret very much.
  • Y - If I like my town and why.
  • Z - Ask any question you want.

No limit

  • 1.Kissed a girl?
  • 2.Kissed a boy?
  • 3.Had sex in public?
  • 4.What’s your religion?
  • 5.What does your URL mean?
  • 6.Reason you joined tumblr?
  • 7.Do you have any nicknames?
  • 8.Do you like bubble bath?
  • 9.Kissed in the rain?
  • 10.Dyed your hair?
  • 11.Soup or salad?
  • 12.Vegetable or meat?
  • 13.Go out drinking?
  • 14.Smoke cigarettes?
  • 15.Smoke weed?
  • 16.Do any hard drugs?
  • 17.Have you had sex today?
  • 18.Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?
  • 19.The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
  • 20.Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
  • 21.Skipped doing homework to play a video game?
  • 22.Tried to commit suicide?
  • 23.The last time you felt broken?
  • 24.Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
  • 25.Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
  • 26.Do you have Long hair OR short hair?
  • 27.First thing you notice to a guy/girl?
  • 28.Do you sing in the shower?
  • 29.Do you dance in the car?
  • 30.Where were you yesterday?
  • 31.Ever used a bow and arrow?
  • 32.Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  • 33.Do you think musicals are cheesy?
  • 34.Is Christmas stressful?
  • 35.Favorite type of fruit pie?
  • 36.Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
  • 37.Do you believe in ghosts?
  • 38.Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
  • 39.Take a vitamin daily?
  • 40.Wear slippers?
  • 41.Wear a bath robe?
  • 42.What do you wear to bed?
  • 43.Do you want to get married?
  • 44.Can you curl your tongue?
  • Relationship preference:
  • 45.How many relationships have you had?
  • 46.How can I win your heart?
  • 47.what makes a great relationship?
  • 48.Shy OR open?
  • 50.Religious OR non-religious?
  • 51.Caring OR non-restricting of you?
  • 52.Straight edge OR non-straight edge?
  • 53.Piercings OR no piercings?
  • 54.Tattoos OR no tattoos?
  • 55.Quiet stay-at-home type OR party type?
  • ask me these, please? : )
  • Teacher: "Can you please tell the class why you're so late?"
  • Me: Someone told me to go to hell
  • Me: Couldn't find it at first
  • Me: But now I'm here


hater alert on aisle u

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*marries u but only as a friend*


ppl who don’t dress up for halloween bc it’s too childish are halloweak

  • baby: m.. m.....
  • mom: mama?
  • baby: ma... mama...
  • mom: thank god you're not doing that meme thing
  • baby: we all go to hell

my idol


my idol